12 April 2022


Alternatives for Window Roller Blinds

Roller Blind Blinds Auckland

There are some of the many options include:

Soundproof Drapes

Obviously, we would use soundproofing in a situation where there is either a lot of outside noise or if we were making a lot of noise ourselves. We might have soundproof drapes if we were next to a highway. Or if we had a room with a loud piano or a home theatre. Soundproof drapes on a closed block at least some of the sound from outside. They also reduce echo inside the room. And they provide thermal insulation which helps keep the temperature stable. Of course, these drapes only block sound when closed, and that means they block light as well. We would only use this type of window covering when the situation really is quite noisy.

Sheer Lightweight Drapes

This is a lightweight material that is either transparent or translucent. It allows sunlight in and provides privacy. In some drapes, it also blocks UV light, so it prevents the carpet and furnishings from fading.
These drapes are inexpensive and easy to clean in the washing machine. But they have no thermal or sound insulation.

A Roller Blind

This is a simple yet popular blind, consisting of a fabric or vinyl blind that retracts onto an overhead roller.

A Roller Blind will block all the light when closed, or part of the light when partly opened. They will also provide some thermal insulation and reduce noise slightly. Clean is quite easy with a soft vacuum attachment or a damp cloth.

A Roller Blind has a minimalistic appeal, having very little intrusion into the room and not really affecting the decor very much. We choose a nice neutral colour for the blind and the decor is unaffected.

Roller Blinds are a simple, inexpensive yet versatile way to cover almost any window.

The Roller Blind for Your Home

A classic window covering, roller binds are effective for blocking light and privacy, yet quite easy to clean and maintain. Blindsmith pride itself in offering affordable made-to-order Roller Blinds, contact us now for your home deco.