8 February 2022


Choosing Between Real Wood and Faux Wooden Blinds

Real and Faux Wooden Blind

Many people like the look and feel of wood in their home decor. Wood is organic, with a grain pattern that is a pleasing combination of regularity and randomness. This makes for furnishings, like blinds, that are neat and attractive without ever becoming sterile.

Good timber blinds add sophistication to indoor decor. They can work in older traditional, and Victorian settings, or many modern contemporary room designs. Darker wood can feel old-fashioned if the room has a warm dark vibe, or it can look modern by providing a contrast with light floors and bright lighting. Light wood blinds can look very austere in a light coloured room.

The only downside to genuine timber blinds is the cost. Good timber needs to be harvested, cut to size, sanded, treated, and stained. The results look great, but this is costly.

The alternative is faux timber. Blinds can be made from synthetic material made to look like genuine timber. This is usually PVC vinyl, though other possible materials can be used. In some cases, chipboard, which is made from sawdust, can be used to create blinds that are given an artificial wood grain appearance.

Faux Wooden Blinds

Faux timber blinds look fine. And they are very durable. In some cases, their durability is a huge advantage over genuine timber blinds because they are immune to moisture damage. This means they are a good option for bathrooms, kitchens, and generally humid environments.

Genuine timber blinds can be stained to a colour that suits the decor, so they are quite versatile. They could be re-sanded and stained a different colour, but this is rather costly and difficult for a set of blinds. It is best to choose the initial colour carefully and stick with this choice. Faux timber blinds come in a wide range of colours, but they cannot be varied. So just stay with the initial choice. An advantage though is that they almost never suffer from fading when exposed to sunlight.

Advantages of Having a Wooden Blind

Blinds offer the ability to block Sunlight and provide privacy. Timber blinds and to a slightly lesser extent faux timber blinds also provide good thermal insulation, keeping the inside temperature more stable. So the room can stay warmer or cooler with less energy spent on air conditioning.

Wooden Blinds

Timber blinds look sophisticated and keep the sunlight out while keeping the inside temperature stable. Find the timber blinds that suit your decor.