6 May 2022


Choosing Blinds in Auckland, NZ

Guide to Blinds Auckland

Many people might assume that blinds and shades are words that refer to the same thing. Of course, they realise that there are many varieties of blinds and shades, but not that blinds and shades are two different categories of window covering.

Blinds are made of hard, rigid material. They cover the window when closed, but can be opened or adjusted in some way to allow light through. Venetian blinds can have their slats tilted to be opened or closed, or they can be retracted entirely to the top of the window. Shutter blinds can be opened and closed like a cupboard door. Plantation blinds can be opened like a door, or have their internal slats adjusted for partial light.

Shades are made from fabric or a similar, flexible material. They can be opened or shut, but there is usually no other option other than partially open. In some cases the fabric might be translucent, allowing some light in but providing privacy.

An exception to this naming convention is roller blinds, which are closer in operation and material to shades.

Light and Blinds Auckland

We might be in a situation where we want to let the natural light in but still have some privacy. Venetian blinds allow this if we angle the slats upward. Alternately, we can put a thin curtain behind the blind, so the view is blocked even as the light still shines through. Some people like to put the tinted film on the window glass, so the harmful UV light is blocked (no sunburn) and privacy is maintained even when the blinds are closed.

Cleaning Blinds Auckland

Blinds are easy to clean with a soft brush attachment on a vacuum. Shades can also be cleaned in a manner, or sometimes by hand washing. Curtains can be often machine washed.

Insulation and Blinds Auckland

Some blinds and shades will offer insulation so the temperature inside the room stays more stable. This saves on heating and cooling costs. These blinds and shades provide little to no insulation. Thicker window coverings, or coverings with multiple layers, provide significant insulation.

Blinds Auckland and Safety

Blinds may be controlled by a cord. While the blind itself is rarely a safety issue the cord or chain can get tangled, and can be a choking hazard. Avoid potential accidents with either a cord designed to easily break or an alternate control method, such as a rod or electric motor.

Blinds Auckland

Blinds can provide privacy, block the outside light, and insulate the room. Best of all, the right design complements the room decor.

Blinds in Auckland