14 April 2022


Cordless Venetian Blinds

Some older types of blinds could be retracted with a cord. In the case of traditional Venetian blinds, there were several cords for several functions. There was a cord for retraction, there was a second cord to tilt the slats, and a third cord to close the blind.

Some it is preferable to have cordless blinds. There are a few advantages here, such as safety. Serious accidents can occur if a child gets caught in the cord. Furthermore, cords can also get tangled from misuse. Some people just think cords are rather unsightly, or old-fashioned. For this reason, we might prefer cordless blinds.

A cordless blind system can be used for solar shades, light filtering shades, blackout shades, or many types of blinds. Roller blinds are already cordless. But other blinds can be made cordless by the use of other means of control.

In a few cases, blinds work by a small electric motor. This is very neat, with the control mechanism either built into the wall or supplied as a remote control. The electricity used by these is very minimal. And because they are simple they tend to last for many years.

Another alternative is to use a small rod to control the blind. This is rotated to retract or lower the blind.

There are Venetian blinds built with no visible controls. Instead, the blind is raised simply by lifting the bottom rail. And then lowered again by lowering the rail. Slats are tiled in the same manner; tilt one slat and they all follow.

Best Venetian Blinds in NZ

A popular and versatile blind, different Venetian blinds can be controlled with a cord, a motor, or by hand. Blindsmith is here to do everything we can to make your decorating experience enjoyable and stress-free. Get in touch with our friendly team today!

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