29 June 2022


Everything You Need To Know About Blinds

Background to Window Blinds

Blinds are both old-fashioned and modern. There have had blinds in homes for several hundred years. But over time the technology and styles of blinds have changed, so there have always been new, modern blinds. At the same time, many older types of blind remain practical and have an old-school classic decor appeal.

There are two main reasons why blinds remain popular. One is that the general concept of the blind is so useful. A covering for the window to block light and allow privacy. We all need this from time to time. The second reason is that there is a lot of variation within this basic concept, so there can be many different types of blinds, with more possible types for the future.

Window Blinds Modern Manufacturing

High demand and mass production techniques mean that quality window blinds are quite inexpensive. They are often less costly than other window coverings. And as they last for years, of not decades, they make for a good investment.

Yet, despite the mass production of the basic parts, it is still a straightforward matter to have blinds custom-made to fit almost any window. And this still allows a vast choice of colours and materials. We can take the functionality of the blind for granted and just look for the style of blind we like for the decor.

Window coverings like blinds will take up almost no space in the room. This is because they can sit neatly inside the interior window frame, an area that is otherwise unused space. Alternately, they can be slightly larger and mounted outside the frame, to block more light and allow some leeway for different sizes.

It is of course possible to combine blinds with thin curtains, so we have the option to let outside sunlight in while still maintaining privacy. Or we can add UV-tinted film to the window.

Need Window Blinds in Auckland?

Window blinds are very practical, and there is always a style to suit the room decor. Have blinds custom-made to fit any window. Our blinds are manufactured onsite in our Auckland warehouse, where we take the utmost care to ensure a high-quality product that will enrich your home. Commercial Blinds are also available, call us now at 0800 16 1415 for your Blinds in Auckland.