27 August 2018


how to install your roller blind


  1. Chain end bracket x 1
  2. Pin end bracket x 1
  3. Installation screws (2 per bracket)
  4. Inter bracket (for split blinds)

step 1


Determine the placement of each brackets at the top corners of the frame or the architrave (depending on the fitting method).

step 2


Mark the desired position of the brackets and measure the distance apart to ensure blind will fit.

step 3


Screw through the back of the bracket, or alternatively if inside-mounting, through the side of the bracket against the frame. Take into consideration the thickness of the headrail when blind is fully rolled up. (Inter-Bracket (if applicable): Align the inter-bracket with brackets in the corners to ensure perfect fit.)

step 4


Turn the clear gear disc on the pin end to retract the pin.

step 5


Hold the blind so that the chain is hanging down correctly as shown.

step 6


Insert the chain end on to the tongue projecting out from the chain end bracket.

step 7


Once the chain end is set correctly, slide in the pin end and reverse the gear disc to extend the pin into the bracket hole.

step 8


Once the blind is installed, test the blind by rolling up and down using the control chain.

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