24 February 2022


Looking After A Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds are available in many materials, colours, styles, and variations. So they remain popular because there is almost always a good option for any room decor. They are also easy to use, and functional, being able to block all the outside light, or only part of the outside light, as the situation requires.

The only perceived downside to Venetian blinds was cleaning. They can be quite eh dust collectors. These blinds have a lot of smaller exposed surfaces and details, which makes them harder to clean than open flat blinds. But if we know the tricks the cleaning isn’t all that difficult.

Cleaning a Venetian Blind

Firstly, what not to do.

• Never soak blinds in a bath or tub. While this may clean some surfaces, it will cause rust on the mechanisms.
• Never use a hard vacuum cleaner on the blinds. This will cause damage.
• Do not put blinds in the washing machine. Some fabric curtains can be cleaned this way, but not blinds. Washing machines will cause the blinds to fade and change shape, basically ruining them.

The more effective Venetian Blind Cleaning methods are:

A vacuum with a soft brush attachment can be useful for a regular (once per week) cleaning. The soft brush attachment should not cause any damage.

For a more thorough cleaning (once per month), use an old sock.

• Dip the sock in a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Wring it out till it is damp, not wet.
• Put your hand inside the sock, like it was a puppet, and wipe down each slat of the blind.
• You can clean the top and bottom of each slat by lightly gripping it with the sock.
• Rinse the sock in the water, and repeat the cleaning of each slat.

Some people find that water with a little vinegar can be used instead of water and detergent. This should leave no smell when it has dried.

Do not use this sock and water method on timber blinds. Water may damage raw timber

Cleaning a Wooden Venetian Blind

Use a microfibre cloth to clean timber blinds. This will remove virtually all dust. It will also remove germs because the fine microfibers work at a very fine level.

Blindsmith’s Venetian Blinds

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