19 April 2022


Roller Blind Buyers Advice

On the Roller Blind

There have been blinds of some type in homes and buildings for many centuries. The roller blind came later than other types of blind, being invented in the late 1800s. But unlike some inventions, fashions, and trends they have remained popular. Advancing technology has changed the materials, controls, and other aspects of a roller blind, but the basic principle remains the same.

There are a few reasons why roller blinds remain popular. One is that the principle is so straightforward; a retractable blind on a spring mechanism. Another is that this deceptively simple idea is versatile enough to change with the fashions, so we always have several good decor options. And or course, like all blinds, they are so practical.

The popularity of roller blinds has made them cheaper to produce. This cost reduction has, in turn, made them more popular. So it becomes easy to have a good quality blind on every window. And it is easy to have a blind that matches the decor because there are so many inexpensive options available.

Roller Blind Buyer’s Guide

There are many fabrics available for making a roller blind. These range from cloth to plastic, heavy to light and translucent. We can use these in combination with some other window coverings to give us several options. We might have a heavy fabric roller blind to block out all light, with a translucent curtain behind it. Or we might simply put UV film on the window glass.

A roller blind will not intrude very far into the room. Nor will it take up too much space in the window. In fact, when it is open, it is like having no blind at all. And when it is closed, there is a thin yet effective cover over the window, giving privacy and blocking light.

Roller blinds can be custom-made or ordered in ready-made sizes. Obviously a ready-made blind is cheaper, and will only work on a window of the corresponding size. But there are both options available.

A roller blind is easy to clean. Most can be dusted with a light brush attachment on vacuum; a dust buster is a good option. Or the vinyl blinds can be wiped with a damp cloth. Some roller blinds can be taken down and vacuumed while flat on the floor.

The Motorised Roller Blind

This is a safe and modern option. A motorised blind can be controlled from a switch, or even from a smartphone. There is no cord for a child to get tangled in, and basically no maintenance. Motorised blinds will probably become increasingly popular over time.

Roller Blind by Blindsmith

With many colours and fabrics available, as well as a motorised option, a roller blind is often the ideal covering for your window. With the Blindsmith NZ team, you will find quality service every time.  

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