15 February 2022


Understanding and Ordering a Roller Blind

The Basics of the Roller Blind

Finding and ordering roller blinds online is not as difficult as we might expect. Online buying is common these days, and most of us know to look for the right size when it comes to clothing, or the right connector when it comes to buying a phone charger. Blinds are easy if we know the right size for our particular window, and have an idea of the type of decor look that we are going for.

In fact, browsing for roller blinds online is something that many probably enjoy. Certainly, many people enjoy window shopping. Perhaps the frustrating part is being spoilt for choice. We want to find a blind that complements the decor of the room, but there will always be more than one option. There will also be some variation in the features and function of the blind to consider.

What to look for in a Roller Blind

  • Provide shade
  • Provide privacy
  • Easy to use
  • Complement the room’s decor – match or contrast.
  • Perhaps allow light in while providing shade – translucent.
  • Perhaps block out all light, so you can watch a projector screen.
  • Child safety, no cords to entangle young limbs.
  • Remote control

Roller Blind Fabrics

There are two basic types of fabric for roller blinds, distinguished by their function.

Dimout fabric – These allow some exterior light from the Sun to enter a room, but still prevent glare. This is ideal for watching television, or just for reducing light on a very sunny day.

Dimout fabric is thinner than blackout fabric, usually with an open weave, or perhaps a thin sheet. There will be an opacity rating to indicate how much light comes through the blind. Light opacity is almost transparent, high opacity lest almost no light through.

Sunlight through a dimout window blind can look very appealing.

Blackout fabric – This blocks all, or nearly all, light. We might use blockout fabric in a bedroom to help us sleep, or for watching films on a projector.

Measuring for a Roller Blind

A blind might be installed on the inside of the window frame, right next to the glass. Or it might be mounted on the recess, outside of the window frame. If the blind is to be mounted outside the recessed frame you should add 50mm to the width and length of the blind so that no light comes through at the edges.

Looking for Roller Blinds?

Window roller blinds are easy to use and easy to maintain. Looking great, they allow privacy when needed and block sunlight when required. Our experienced team can tailor your needs. We can manufacture within 15 working days located in Auckland workshop. We can arrange nationwide delivery in New Zealand. Call us now for a free quote.