17 May 2022


Vertical Blinds Still Popular

Vertical Blinds Still In Style

Vertical Blinds Advantages.

Vertical blinds became a dominant form of blind in the late 80s and early 90s. They remain, along with Venetian and roller blinds, one of the most popular forms of window covering. Like all good designs, they are simple and functional. And when quality is made they last for years.

  • Light control with the tilt of the slats.
  • Privacy is easy, just close the blind slats.
  • Ideal for large windows and glass doors, as they can be retracted to the side.
  • Can be easily combined with thin or translucent curtains.
  • Affordable – they are reasonably priced.
  • Virtually no maintenance.
  • Repairs – The mechanism is straightforward, so in the unlikely case of damage, parts are easy to replace.

Are Vertical Blinds Right for every Window?

Once vertical blinds became popular people realized how well they suited so many different types of windows. Over the past decade, they have become more popular with sliding doors. In fact, they are virtually the only blind, perhaps the only covering, suitable for sliding doors.

Other Blinds Auckland finds Popular.

  • Roller blind – Open and shut these are simple and effective.
  • Venetian blinds – The horizontal version of vertical blinds, and a good choice for small or medium windows.
  • Curtains – just a cloth covering on a rod. These are simple, easy to clean, and can be combined with blinds.
  • Zebra blinds – These alternate horizontal stripes of clear and solid colour surfaces. they can be adjusted for privacy or moderate light with minimal glare.

Vertical Blinds

Sliding glass doors and windows benefit from vertical blinds. These easy-to-clean blinds are inexpensive and suit many different decors.

Vertical Blinds