17 March 2022


Why Use a Venetian Blind

The Deal with the Venetian Blind

Being both functional and attractive a well-chosen Venetian blind can work for almost any window. Office or home, Venetian blinds are worth considering.

Though there have been Venetian blinds available for generations, there are still quite modern. They have remained popular because even with modern technology they are still hard to beat. These blinds are simple and low maintenance, yet they perform their function so well. You can open the blind for a complete view outside, and let all the sunlight in. Or you can tilt the slats on the closed blind to adjust for the light and privacy you need.

The decor aspect is easy. Venetian blinds are available in natural timber, many coloured plastic PVC, or classic aluminium. We just need to find a Venetian blind in the colour that looks best.

Measuring for a Venetian Blind

There are two basic ways to mount a Venetian blind. We can have the entire blind within the window frame, or have the blind outside the frame, overlapping the edges.

If we prefer the blind within the frame we must measure the window precisely, and round slightly down. We do not want the blind to be too large, or it will catch on the edge of the window frame.

If we prefer to have the Venetian blind overlapping the window frame we should 7 cm to each side, and 7cm to the bottom edge. A blind outside the frame should block more light than a blind within the frame.

Venetian Blind Materials

Consider the material that will suit the decor. This means the texture as well as the colour of the blind. And we should consider how the material works in the environment, such as using a waterproof material near a stove or in a bathroom.

  • Aluminium – These are a good general-purpose option. They resist moderate moisture and will not warp (though moisture is not good for the cords).
  • Wood Blinds – Many people like the organic look of wood, so these are often used in living rooms and bedrooms. But keep them away from moisture.
  • Plastic blinds – These used to have a cheap reputation, but modern colours can give good results. Consider bright plastic for a modern look. This is fine for slightly wet areas like bathroom windows.

Venetian Blind Slat Size and Cords

We can find Venetian blinds with wide slats or narrow, or medium. The wide slats will look more appropriate on a large window, and smaller slats on a smaller window. Too many slats on a window will look crowded. Too few look overwhelming.

The slats on Venetian blinds may be connected with cords or tapes (strips of cloth). The tapes let less light through as they largely block the holes in the slats. The tapes can also be a different colour to the slats, providing some interesting decor options. Otherwise, both cords and tapes work well, it is a matter of personal preference.

Best Venetian Blinds in NZ

Venetian blinds are a classic design and remain popular. Consider aluminium, PVC, or timber blinds from Blindsmith NZ to suit any room decor.